It's never been as empowering to be a woman – but it's also never been as complicated. The modern, connected woman carries with her plenty of expectations. In this blog series, we take a peek into the digital habits and modern priorities of some of the women we admire. These women have shown us it's possible to do it all, live well and inspire others everyday. 

Erin Treloar, CEO of the RAW Beauty Talks and physiotherapist, is a woman who not only wears many hats, but inspires so many others to do so by truly being themselves. Her non-profit is on a mission improve the mental and physical health of girls and young women by instilling them with self-confidence and positive body image. When not running her company, she's busy being a pilates teacher, a doctor, a new mother, a wife, and plenty more... 

What does your morning ritual look like? 

Now that I'm a mother, it looks a lot different than it did a year ago! Cuddles in bed and breastfeeding. Followed by a super smoothie with berries, kale, Vega protein, my PureFood vitamins, hemp and chia so that I pack as many nutrients into one meal as possible and JJ Bean coffee. Always coffee. 

Which apps or tools do you use to help you be on your A-game? 

Believe it or not, I'm trying to reduce the number of apps on my phone right now and I'm craving the basics when it comes to organising my life: pen and paper for to do lists, journal for note-taking, whiteboard in our kitchen for meal planning. Technology is amazing and I love the fact that I can do a lot of my work from anywhere in the world, but I also think there is a lot to be said for simplifying things. It creates space and allows you to connect to your thoughts in a different way than using technology. 

Three top tips for preparing for a busy day ahead?

First, take two to three minutes at the start of your day to get your agenda organised so that you're in control of the day, not the other way around. Block out your schedule and how much time you're going to allot to each item. Once you have a plan, you'll be able to move efficiently and purposefully through your day.

Second, don't leave the house without checking that you have your phone, wallet, chargers and any other essentials you may need. Sitting down at your desk and realising your phone is on the kitchen counter is the biggest buzz kill and a waste of time. I do this way too often. 

Third, invest in a big water bottle (I'm obsessed with my Swell bottle) so you have no excuse not to stay hydrated even, when the day is nonstop. 

How do you make time to switch off from technology?

James helps me live in the moment because I don't like to be on my phone in front of him. It's amazing how hard it was to break the habit of reaching for my phone whenever I was feeling a little bored. But now that I'm a mother, it's important to me that I'm present with him. I also try to get outside and into nature with him most days which provides the perfect opportunity to shut off. 

"It's amazing how hard it was to break the habit of reaching for my phone whenever I was feeling a little bored. But now that I'm a mother, it's important to me that I'm present with him." 

How has social media helped you in your career? 

Social media has provided me with a platform to connect and converse with so many incredible people! RAW Beauty Talks wouldn't be possible without it. 

What does the term 'digital balance' mean to you? 

Taking time to unplug and just be present in the moment. It is so important. 

"Social media is simple and incomparable to the brilliance that we live everyday as humans."   

Do you feel like you portray who you really are online?

I think you get a pretty accurate representation of who I am as a whole, but you definitely don't experience the gamut of emotions, moments and experiences that make-up my day.  You don't see what I look like every day when I get out of bed. You can't watch me bite my nails while I work or pick my face before I go to bed (why do I do that?!). You can't tell how I look at my husband and James when I feel overcome with love for them. You aren't part of the conversation where I'm brainstorming about a new project or feeling anxious about the status of a current project. You can't sense when I feel guilty for not visiting my grandma enough.

There are 84,600 seconds in a day. Everyday I feel intense happiness, love, frustration, boredom, inspiration, hope, fear and wonder in different amounts and at different times. One picture a day can't capture that. Life is complicated. Social media is simple and incomparable to the brilliance that we live everyday as humans.