The last few days have been incredible!

Less than two days ago at midnight in London, we introduced ZENTA to the world by way of an Indiegogo campaign. It was a big moment for everyone here at VINAYA: we shared with the world what our team has tirelessly been debating, researching, strategising, designing, coding and dreaming about over the past year. 

From the very beginning, our mission has been to build technology solutions that help people deal with the distraction and stress of modern life. To reset the balance between digital and physical, and help people get back to real life. As we learned more about the ways in which our brains and bodies have been rewired– within a single generation– to become less in tune with what's going on around us and within us, our mission evolved.

After launching ALTRUIS and building a global community of forward-thinking supporters, we thought we'd do it differently this time. We thought we'd involve you from the very start of the journey. Our goals were set high, however this level of support was unimaginable!

While ALTRUIS addresses the problem of filtering the digital noise brought to you by way of your smartphone, we've learned that our smartphone notifications are not the only stressors impacting us as modern humans.

"In fact, stress affects nearly 80% of the population – that's an epidemic!"

As we learned more about the modern human psyche, we began questioning: what if our technology could give us insights about ourselves that we don't already know? What if we could use our expertise as creative and scientific technologists to help us build better, lasting habits that lead to a happier, stress-free life? Other wearables on the market can tell you how many steps you take, or how many calories you consume. But is this really telling you anything about your overall wellbeing? Could we take a leap further to become more aware and in sync with our physical, mental and emotional selves?

Emotions are the final frontier of modern science. We’re just on the cusp of discovering how technological innovation and neuroscience can help us better understand our feelings. This is uncovered territory in the wearable technology space, and we were determined to do the work to conquer it. 

So we started our work on ZENTA– the world's first biometric-sensing wearable for both body and mind.

Beyond filtering the noise around you, ZENTA empowers you to deal with the noise yourself. As we like to say, this super smart accessory is "inspired by humans, perfected by science". ZENTA is an entirely new way of understanding your body and mind. And with that, comes an entirely new way of expressing yourself digitally: a new emotional lexicon.

Fast-forward a few months to present day, and you'll find us at our VINAYA House headquarters after many days and nights of emotion, adrenaline and stress running high (go figure!). We never imagined it was possible - but with your support, we reached our goal of raising $100,000 within 41 hours of going live

The press caught on too – within hours, our story was picked up by ForbesCool HuntingPSFKCNNBusiness InsiderFast CompanyThe Memo and many more. We're overwhelmed and humbled by the positive feedback from our global community. 

Wow! We're exhausted, and the hard work is only beginning. But we are more inspired than ever to embark on this next chapter of exploring the human mind with you.