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Digital Disconnect: Are Smartphones the Perpetual Third Wheel?

Let’s face it: even a best friend can be an annoying third wheel, particularly when they are an omnipresent source of neediness. Interested to better understand the effect that smartphones have on modern relationships, we asked 79 non-singles to tell us what role their digital devices play in their romantic relationships. Digging beyond the stats, we wanted to understand how they as a couple deal with digital disruption. The verdict? A bunch of mixed feelings.

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Altruism: Why We Gift & How To Do It Meaningful

As Christmas approaches, and we’re bombarded with online and offline content about buying gifts for one another, it’s easy to become cynical about the consumerist nature of the holiday season. Gift-giving can quickly feel like a stressful, expensive obligation rather than a generous action. So why do we do it?

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