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Meditation Medication: How Mindfulness Affects The Body

Amidst jamming our schedules full of juice-cleansing, vitamin-popping and spinning, it seems many overlook one fairly important element in our efforts to improve our wellbeing: our brains.

Once an ancient Eastern technique to transform consciousness, and a practice that can take many different forms, today we’re beginning to understand the neuroscience behind how meditation can benefit our health and wellbeing.

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Thought In Consciousness: How Private Are Our Thoughts? (PART 1)

What's in a thought? Meditation is becoming a more common tool for reducing problematic thoughts, increasing positive thinking and calming the mind. With a wealth of scientific evidence proving the positive effects of meditation, we've learned to use this ancient practice to feel more peace and equanimity. But where do our thoughts come from? Why do scientists have yet to answer this question?

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VINAYA Morning Rituals

The VINAYA team is made up of researchers, engineers, and designers, and we’re inherently interested in testing and trying methods that help us perform at our best. We work at a fast pace and to tight timelines, so we’re always researching ways we might be able to improve or our own personal potential and wellbeing. We’ve experimented with a plethora of ‘life-hacks’, but have found that one of the most effective changes we’ve made to our workday doesn’t actually take place in the office, it’s how we wake up at home....

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